About Us

B.R.M. College Of Education, established in 2007. The institute is working towards the promotion of higher education, which is the need of the state as well as society also.

The management gets all the time overwhelmed and busy in toying the idea to contribute something useful in the education sector through opening new but professional and the technical courses. The continuous discussion and deliberation with the people, the students and their felt needs motivated the management to create the College of Education (2007) being affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.

The College began to function with the first batch of B. Ed. students admitted for the session 2007-08. This was the major achievement was the results were recorded in the first and second batch of B. Ed students with 93.81% and 94.97%ages in each session.

The peaceful environment of the College/institute provides homogeneous atmosphere for teaching and learning. The institute has a campus of 3 acres. The College of Education is well equipped with required lecture rooms, physical facilities and required infrastructures. It has well established central library consisting a good number of course books, reference books and the journals.